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Summer Sessions '23

@ISR GradTutor

Jun 15, 2023

Dear GradTutor Member,

GradTutor is here to provide you with the ultimate customizable tutoring experience for the Summer!

3 reasons why you should choose GradTutor this summer:

1. Personalised Learning: Your goals, needs and requirements are unique. We will adapt to you and customize your tutoring sessions.

2. Flexible Scheduling: Summer can be a busy time with vacations, internships, and other activities. We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your availability. You can choose the dates, times, and frequency of your tutoring sessions, ensuring that your summer plans stay intact.

3. Exam Preparation: Next school year will surely be harder than the last. We will help you prepare academically and mentally for a confident start in the next school year. Our tutors will guide you through the first concepts, provide valuable study tips, and equip you with the strategies you need for a strong start next year.

Secure a limited spot today and continue on your journey of academic excellence!

Kind regards,

Ilja and Mona from GradTutor

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