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Term 2 Results

@ISR GradTutor

Mar 13, 2023

According to our recent survey, the average grade of an ISR student who received tutoring from GradTutor solely in Term 2 has improved by a remarkable 7%. That means that the services provided by our tutors are making a real difference in the ISR community, helping students succeed academically and achieve their goals.

But it is not just about grades – our survey also found that students who take classes with GradTutor feel more prepared and confident before exams. In fact, our students rated their level of preparedness at an 8/10, with no student being below the level of 7/10.

If you're looking for a way to improve your academic performance and feel more confident in your exams, GradTutor is here to help. Our expert tutors, all being recent top graduates of ISR, are committed to helping you succeed, and our track record of success speaks for itself. Visit our website to learn more about our offering and how we can help you achieve your academic goals!

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