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Gordon Liu🥇

Aerospace Student
Delft University of Technology

Gordon Liu🥇

G5-8: Math
IGCSE: Physics/Chemistry/Math
IB: Physics HL/Chemistry HL/Math AA HL

I’m Chinese and I have lived in Germany for 6 and a half years. Before university, I have completed the IGCSE and the IB in ISR. Currently I’m studying in TU Delft in the Netherlands. I play a range of sports such as football, table tennis, skiing and fencing. I have learnt some more professional skills in the recents years, relating to computer aided designing, programming and report writing using Latex software.

If you think what you are learning in ISR is rocket science, don’t worry, here is an actual rocket scientist to tutor you. I’ll help you simplify and understand the curriculum to help you succeed in your exams.

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