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Youngbin Baek🥈

Business Student
Technical University of Munich

Youngbin Baek🥈

G5-8: Math/Science/English
IGCSE: Business/Math
IB: Business HL/Chemistry HL/Math AA SL/Physics SL

Nationality: South Korean

Languages I speak: English/Korean/German

IB grades:
HL: Chemistry 7, Math AA 7, German B 7
SL: Physics 7, Business Management 7, English Lang Lit 6
Total 42 points

Hobby: playing video games, going to the gym, taking pictures and cooking

“Youngbin is the quiet talent in the class. He caught me off-guard when I graded his first exam, and he achieved top marks! It took me a while to realize how good he was at Physics, he is definitely a pleasure to teach!” - Mr. O'Brien (Science teacher)

“Youngbin has been in my German B HL course since the beginning of this year, I think I speak for his teachers and also for his classmates: It’s great to have him in the course. Youngbin is helpful, determined, organized, hardworking, but is still always up for any fun in class.” - Ms. Herda (German teacher)

Published on ISR Student Spotlight, 25 June 2021

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